Take your pledge and shove it...

The LGBT community has taken a number of hits this week: the Democrats tried to ram through a defense bill with the repeal of   "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" tacked on to it (a bad idea) and were blocked by Republicans. That same afternoon, one of Georgia senator Saxby Chambliss' moronic staffers posted "all fags must die" on popular LGBT website Joe.My.God. It was quickly traced back to Chambliss' office using the IP address. Chambliss is an anti-gay bigot, so the fact that one of his staffers did this is not a surprise.

Homophobic Bishop Eddie Long has found himself the subject of three lawsuits from young men who claim he molested them when they were 16 and 17 years old. Long leads the Atlanta New Birth megachurch, drives a Bentley, wears tight clothes and loves to take suggestive photos of himself in front of bathroom mirrors with his iPhone. Long has led anti-gay marches and preached about "gay conversion" so often that many had already suspected he was a secretly a down-low peen lover himself. We'll see how this plays out, but it's got Ted Haggard stank all over it.

Today, the GOP released its A Pledge to America – 21 pages of empty promises, patriotic jargon, tired talking points and a little anti-gay discrimination thrown in for good measure. They can scream about how the Dems are ruining the country, but, as usual, they have no solutions – just rhetoric.

The GOP is just like The Wizard of Oz  – pay no attention to what's happening behind the curtain. Just quake in fear, half-truths and a little more fear.


C. Dale said…
We live in a very odd time. I am convinced of this. Here in CA, the LGBT groups are striking back! We are running attack ads against Whitman. Why? Because we are finally learning that to win this game we have to play this game.
Collin Kelley said…
Yes, play the game and do not be silent. I'm like a stubborn dog with a bone when it comes to LGBT rights and I'm never going to shut up about it.

I encourage like minded folks to get to the polls in November and vote Democrat even if you think the Dems are doing a sucky job. They are definitely the lesser of the two evils.
Nancy Devine said…
don't ever shut up when it comes to glbt rights, collin.
when i was in high school long ago, no one ever mentioned gay people. now, as a teacher, i have students come out to me. mostly they do so quietly and sort of casually, perhaps to stay under the radar, so to speak. but they come out.
i know that students are able to come out because people like you speak up. harvey milk's speech about hope is absolutely true.
Anonymous said…
A lot of Republicans don't even like this pledge shit. Why do they do this?

Pris said…
The most depressing part is that the Republicans may very well get in control again next term and carry on with their rigid, rich gets all, gays get nothing, middle class gets nothing, elderly get nothing, poor get nothing, war gets everything, secret waterboarding and wire tap policies all over again because Obama and Democrats (with no help from Republicans) couldn't fix the mess they left him in such a short time.

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