AQLF weekend wrap-up

It's been an exhausting four days, but the 2010 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival was a success. You can see a photo gallery at the AQLF site now.

I hosted the opening night event at Charis Books and moderated two panels and read poetry with Steven Reigns yesterday at the Decatur Library (that's me and Steven in the photo). It was great to see and hear so many fine folks including keynote speaker Cary Alan Johnson, Jonathan Lerner, Joanna Hoffman, Amy King and Janet Mason among many others. Speaking of the keynote address, if you missed it on Friday night you can watch the video now at this link.

I enjoyed hanging out with Steven and catching up on our lives and career. My sofa is yours anytime. Events like this also inspire me to write and create. I did a little of that today, including putting some lines down for a new poem. I'm sending love, affection and thanks to my fellow AQLF coordinators -- Franklin Abbott, Megan Volpert and Cleo Creech -- who helped keep the festival on track and running smoothly.

Now that the festival is over, I'm turning my attention to Voices Carry on Oct. 30 at Sycamore Place Gallery in Decatur. This will be the seventh annual reading and I am thrilled to be reading with Natasha Trethewey, Patrick Donnelly, Richard Garcia, Ayodele Heath and my pal Cecilia Woloch. Mark you calendar now and find out more about the reading at this link.

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Nancy Devine said…
you are busy. i wish atlanta were a hop, skip and a jump from nd; i would love to see you read in person.

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