Weekend Bits

Was it just me or was the whole "supermoon" thing a dud? Here in Atlanta, the full moon looked about the same size as normal. Bah! Maybe it was supposed to be a distraction now that the US is involved in a third war. They can call it a no-fly zone or a "military action" in Libya, but if it looks like a war and sounds like a war, then it's a war. Gaddafi and his regime should have been ousted long ago, but there's not need to play semantics.

Steven Reigns' fantastic poetry collection, Inheritance, is beeing re-issued by Sibling Rivalry Press and will be available the first week of April. You can pre-order the book at this link and read my review of the collection at this link.

In more poetry news, you can download a free ebook version of Nic Sebastian's new collection of Baobab Girl from Smashwords. Yes, free!

Speaking of ebooks, the Association of American Publishers reported last week that ebook sales from 16 reporting companies jumped 115.8%, to $69.9 million in January. That means more ebooks were sold than both hardback and mass market paperbacks. I know many writers and readers aren't ready to embrace ebooks, but the rest of the world is, especially teen and twentysomethings. I've said it before and I'll say it again – books are becoming the new vinyl records. Read the article in Publishers Weekly.

A quick update on Remain in Light: The novel was 350 pages and now it's 341, and that's only after editing the first 100 pages. Lean and mean is my motto.


Nancy Devine said…
too much late winter haze and clouds here for me to glimpse that huge moon.
Radish King said…
Collin, the moon was amazing here, unusual in that it was so low. When I first spotted it, it could have been the neighbor's porch light. It was very strange. I watched it most of the night. By the time it was up where it usually lives it looked like an ordinary full moon, but that lowness was odd and dismantling.

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