Burn notice

I walked into Bound to Be Read Books this afternoon for my reading and what was playing on the stereo system? Vanessa Daou's Slow To Burn album, which inspired the title for my chapbook. It was a very good sign.

The reading went well and I was happy to see so many friends in the audience: Karen, Colin, Franklin, Rupert, Julie, Lisa, Danny, Estelle, Brent, Laurel, Richard, Jessica and more. Karen gave a lovely intro (despite not feeling well) and Jef and Jeff of Bound to Be Read were gracious as always.

Thanks also to the fab poet Montgomery Maxton for interviewing me about Slow To Burn at his blog. You can read the flash interview at this link.

Don't forget you can order a copy of the chapbook from Seven Kitchens Press at this link or if you're in Atlanta, drop by Bound to Be Read in East Atlanta Village and pick up a copy and support me and the shop. 


Justin Evans said…
I love the interview and I agree with your assessment of Living Things. Good to see your book get a second life.
Christine said…
Nice photo, great poems, and an AWESOME cover. Ordering from the website, waiting for another reading.

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