An update on the novel

The view of London from Agnes' window.
I'm 31 chapters and nearly 300 pages in on the first draft of the Leaving Paris manuscript. I've allowed myself to let the novel take a strange course to its conclusion to see just how far I could push the storyline. By doing so, it's shown me exactly what I need to do to for the rewrite. Veering off the outline and original plot also opened up some scenarios that will make the final edit.

I should have a completed first draft by mid-September and will then begin the rewriting and editing process. I've realized while writing this book how hard it will be to say goodbye to these characters  that I've lived with for almost 20 years. Perhaps that's why writing this book has been so much more difficult than Conquering Venus and Remain In Light.

I wrote the first scenes of Leaving Paris sitting at the kitchen table in my friend/fellow writer Agnes Meadows' flat with its magnificent view of the London skyline occasionally distracting me. That was the summer of 2012. In a perfectly synchronistic, wibbly wobbly, timey wimey twist, I will write the final scenes at that same table in just a few weeks. Next spring, I'll head to Paris as I'm finishing the rewrite and edit.

If you haven't read the first two books in The Venus Trilogy, now is the perfect time to pick up the paperbacks or eBooks.


good job on veering off your original plan. It's amazing where a story can take us!
"Remain in Light" was even tighter and more sublime than the first novel, but both carry the reader a different universe of understanding. ;)
I'm soooo looking forward to "Leaving Paris", Collin Kelley!
Jennifer Perry said…
I love it when you show photographs relating to the characters!

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