Get "Kiss Shot" eBook for free!

As a Christmas present to all of you who have stuck with Modern Confessional, my eBook of short stories, Kiss Shot, is available for free download until Dec. 29 at Amazon and

All four stories are set in the fictional town of Cottonwood, Georgia and are a taste of a much bigger project to come. In "How Fanny Got Her House," a devoted maid recalls the hijinks surrounding her employer's death from a brain tumor, while a teenage boy comes to terms with his sexuality during an unexpected game of pool in the title story, "Kiss Shot." A woman escaping an abusive relationship arrives in New Orleans during a rain storm and wanders into the famed "Clover Grill" on Bourbon Street, and "I Got A Name" follows the trials and tribulations of an overweight woman looking for love at a community theater company.



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