What comes next?

Now that The Venus Trilogy is complete, I've been asked numerous times what I'm working on next. Simple answer: a new poetry collection. It's actually been in the works since Render came out three years ago and is slowly starting to take shape. I have no idea when it will be out – possibly 2018 or 2019 if it's ready and Sibling Rivalry Press is interested in publishing it.

After that, I'll focus on the short story collection that extends the stories and characters introduced in the eBook Kiss Shot. No idea when that will appear, but hopefully in the not too distant future.

And then? A memoir? Another trilogy with Diane, Sullivan and Julie from the Venus books taking front and center? We shall see. 

In the meantime, if you've read Leaving Paris – or the entire trilogy – please post a review at Amazon, Goodreads or B&N. Every review helps boost the profile and sales of the book. 

My next reading will be July 26 when I will join Kaveh Akbar, Theresa Davis, Jessie Carty, Brent Calderwood, Megan Volpert and Bryan Borland for "An Evening With Sibling Rivalry Press" at Georgia Center for the Book. Find out more at this link. Join us! 

And one final note: Support #BlackLivesMatter. 


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