AMERICAN IDOL TOP 6: Tonight's episode was actually taped yesterday as the singers, producers, et al get ready for tomorrow night's two-hour "Idol Gives Back" concert. That means information about the Top 6 performances have been leaking like a rusty boat all day. Earlier this afternoon not only did the running order of the singers appear, but so did their song choices, fashion choices and the comments made by judges. I already knew I was going to be bored by tonight's show. The theme was songs that inspired the contestants (this is all they could come up with? Really?). While tonight's show is for a good cause (every vote means money will be donated by Coke, AT&T and Ford for poverty-stricken children in the US and Africa), it was still a snooze. Sanjaya's departure last week meant no drama, humor or controversy to entertain us. I'm so glad this season is almost over.

Chris Richardson - The judges were practically humping the Timberlake-wannabe's leg after his nasal, pitchy version of “If I Could Change The World” by Eric Clapton. He turned this rock/blues song into a boy band bore. He should be in the bottom three. As a side note, what was up with that jacket? It looked like the lapel was ripped.

Melinda Doolittle - Mindy Doo was in her element tonight with the gospel-tinged “There Will Come A Day” by Faith Hill. It's impossible to criticize her vocals at this point. She's technically brilliant, and I was digging her hair, dress and necklace. I'm still betting on Mindy and Jordin for the top two.

Blake Lewis - A flat uninspired version of "Imagine” by John Lennon received mixed praise from the judges. Randy and Paula (natch) loved it, while Simon liked it but said it "went nowhere." Blake looks more and more like Phil Collins every week. Personally, I was trying to imagine him having an upper lip.

LaKisha Jones - Oh, Kiki, what the hell are you doing, girlfriend? For the second week in a row, she chose a song by a recent Idol winner and turned it into a shouty, uninspired mess. Tonight it was “I Believe,” Fantasia's coronation song as Idol winner two years ago. Fantasia's career might be a bit shaky now, but she still owns that song. I believe we'll be seeing Kiki in the bottom three tomorrow night.

Phil Stacey - After being heaped with praise and suddenly finding himself a contender, Nosferatu smartly picked another country song, “The Change” by Garth Brooks. It was a nice vocal and he's in his comfort zone, as Paula put it. He won't make it to the top four, but he'll be around for a couple more weeks.

Jordin Sparks - I thought “You’ll Never Walk Alone” from the musical Carousel was an odd choice, but she knocked this old chestnut out of the park. Top two with Melinda. Accept it. Deal with it.

And since we couldn't have Sanjaya, here's his Top 10 list from Letterman last night.


Anonymous said…
I missed it tonight but i see I really missed nothing. Ill watch Melinda and Jordin on Youtube tomorrow. COme back Sanjaya!!!! All is forgiven!!!!

Anonymous said…
Will someone PLEASE tell Blake to stop sticking his nose in the air when he sings? -32 poems
jenni said…
"Personally, I was trying to imagine him having an upper lip."

LOL. You crack me up. Yup -- Doo and Sparks will be final 2 if America gets it right this year.
Pamela said…
Is it just me, or does Blake need only a pipe and an anchor to morph into Popeye?
Collin said…
I'm telling you a few years he'll be bald, still wearing the sweater vest, some ridiculous hat and singing "Sussudio" at county fairs. ;)
Kathy said…
i'm glad i didn't get to watch it live last night and that i, instead, recorded it because i might have died if i had to sit through 80 million extra commercials and ryan seacrest going on and on and on.

blake was awful.

so was chris.
i don't care what the judges say.
he was terrible.

i didn't think lakisha was all that terrible. i'd put her in 3rd place. behind melinda and jordin. she's definitely not worse than phil.

i'm sorry to say i'm going to have to sit through tonight's episode, live.

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