FRIDAY NIGHT POETRY: There were two big poetry events happening in the ATL last night: Cherryl Floyd-Miller's reading from Chops at the beautiful Galerie MC in Midtown and and another at Tara Antiques featuring Stephen Bluestone, Lee Passarella, Jim Trotter, Ruth Windham, Estelle Ford-Williamson and Bob Giannetti. Yes...Bob Giannetti.

Cherryl's event was held upstairs in the gallery space. I immediately ran into photographer Corrine Adams (I adore her work) and gallery owner Marscha Cavaliere. She has the art space downstairs and lives upstairs, but has transformed both spaces into something unique and urban. Cherryl looked lovely and I was able to stick around for her first reading from the book.

Then I dashed off to the second at Tara Antiques. Anyone who has read the blog lately knows I have had some less than kind things to say about Bob Giannetti and his attitude toward modern poetry. However, he welcomed me graciously and I must say I enjoyed the evening. All the readers were relaxed and gave short, lively sets. There was a nice audience as well. Wine and pastries were being passed around and it was a comfortable setting in Bob's corner of the store where he has his antique book business. Stephen Bluestone and Lee Passarella stood out as the best readers (and I've had words with Lee, too, but his work was quite good this evening). Jim Trotter's work was unexpectedly streetwise, and I was surprised he had been included in the mix. Ruth closed with a witty Dorothy Parker piece and Bob closed with an old Frank Sinatra tune. I alluded to my last couple of blog entries said, "I am very frank and candid," but followed this up by telling Bob I truly enjoyed the poetry event. We will have to agree to disagree on poetry styles, but if Bob can pull off events like Friday night, then I say more power to him. I must give him kudos for putting together a more eclectic evening than I thought possible for him to muster.

I'm off to meet one of my music and literary idols, Jane Siberry, this evening at the Red Light Cafe. I volunteered to work her merchandise table and I'm bringing her a copy of Better To Travel and HalfLife Crisis. This will be the first time I've met her and watched her peform live. I'm a bit nervous, but excited as hell. More tomorrow.


Anonymous said…
You lucky bastard! Jane is cool as hell!


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