SENDING AID TO ASIA: The BBC just reported that the death toll in Asia now stands at 60,000 following the earthquake and devastating tsunami on Dec. 26. The pictures are horrifying. The loss of life and destruction makes Sept. 11 pale in comparison. The images of lost children searching for their parents is haunting. I decided to make a donation to UNICEF to send aid to the kids there. The fear of disease killing more makes the crisis even more dire. If you are reading this and have a shred of compassion, pick one of these charities and donate even a few dollars. Click a link...all of these organizations are accepting money to send to Asia.

Action Against Hunger
ADRA International
American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.
Association for India's Development
Catholic Relief Services
Christian Children's Fund
Church World Service
Direct Relief International
Doctors Without Borders
Food for the Hungry, Inc.
International Aid
International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies
International Medical Corps
International Rescue Committee
Lutheran World Relief
MAP International
Mercy Corps
Network for Good
Operation USA
Oxfam America
Plan USA
Project Concern International
Save the Children USA
U.N. World Food Programme
World Concern


Anonymous said…
I made a donation to Oxfam. It feels like a drop in the bucket but hopefully it will help some people. Thanks for posting this.

Rick J.
David Herrle said…
Our local Mercy hospital is accepting
donations of almost any kind (down to toilet paper), along with many

The estimate of over 200,000 dead is staggering. Shows us that politics
aren't the only threat to humanity. And THIS threat is indiscriminate,
blind, and kills wholesale with no agenda.

Despite the fact that most of these countries wouldn't/couldn't help us in return should be no deterrent (as has been said here and there). Mercy and compassion are not contingent on reciprocation. This is central to the so-called "golden rule" that most humans have entertained religiously and philosophically - but find so hard to sustain in reality.


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