Weekend Music: Cry - Godley & Creme

From 1984, another one of my favorite songs and videos, the first to use the face-morphing special effects. Godley & Creme were always on the cutting edge of electronic music.


Ordered After the Poison. Looking forward to it.
Collin said…
Thanks, Sam!

I was just thinking about you, actually. Just finished watching "Fanny & Alexander," which I hadn't seen in ages. Still one of my all time favorites and I'm guessing it's one of yours.
Great film. The one scene - the play of light on the shade - is an image burned in my brain. Bergman was such a gifted artist.
Collin, sorry to be totally off topic, but somehow I know you will understand: He is going or gone - or is he? Thank the stars for regeneration.
Collin said…
No, Signs, he's not gone. We're seeing something new happen here. Brilliant episode though.
Pris said…
This is great! Thanks, Collin.
LKD said…
I've always loved this song and this video.

You can't beat those opening lines for flat out in your face truth:

You don't know how to ease my pain,
you don't know.

I love how seamlessly the faces merge in and out of one another.

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